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Nick Del Franco, also known as Nick Delfranco or Nick Del Franco, has established several businesses in various states, such as Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Massachusetts, and California, among others. These businesses take advantage of the thriving medical and recreational marijuana industry to scam unsuspecting people out of their hard-earned money and assets. Nick Del Franco claims to have a successful investment record, which he uses to lure investors into his schemes. Some of the businesses he has set up include Green House Leasing, Pharmaserve Colorado, Pharmaserve California, Homestead Hydro, and Madhatter Nutrients and Soils.

Nick Del Franco and his accomplices use different fraudulent tactics, ranging from persuading investors to buy properties for their personal use to investing vast amounts of money in non-existent legal cultivation properties. The ambiguous terms of their contracts make it difficult to hold them accountable for their crimes. They have also deceived honest individuals into working for them, with the hopes of recovering their lost fees.

Nick Del Franco and his associates show no remorse for their actions and continue to prey on vulnerable elderly people who believe they can make a fortune from their smooth-talking and manipulative ways. Homestead Hydro and Mad Hatter Nutrients and Soils are some of their latest ventures, but they are nothing more than fancy websites that take people’s money without delivering the promised products. They have no history of fulfilling their promises and cannot acquire the goods they claim to provide. Their nutrient lineup is simply a repackaged bottle of nutrients that can be found at any grow store at a much lower price. Despite showcasing their product line at numerous events, they have not delivered a single package to any buyer.

If you come across people claiming to be “businesspeople” like Tom Delfranco, it is best to exercise caution and be vigilant. Such individuals may prioritize their interests over yours and fail to fulfill their promises. Before engaging in any business with them, conduct thorough research. You can contact their past landlords in Michigan or Florida or get in touch with their previous investors. Request documentation that can verify their identity and credibility. It is always better to be safe than sorry, as the writer regrets not doing the same.


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